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Instructional Design and eLearning Consultant

Customer Training

You’ve already made the decision to invest in customer training and you want it building by an expert?

That’s great, you’re on the road to improving RENEWALS, REFERRALS and REVENUE.

Employee Training

You think you need training for your staff, but don’t know where to start?

Well, actually it might not be training that you need. That’s where Instructional Design comes in.

Targeted Customer Training

Remove confusion and provide your customer with effective and efficient online training.

Product Training can be a COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE for your business.

Staff Learning and Development

Looking to drive performance improvements?

Quality Instructional Design can identify the most effective route to acquisition and the application of knowledge and skills.

One Supplier

Forget about coordinating several different suppliers and contractors. Spend your time on your business and your product, or just sit back with a coffee.

Instructional Design and eLearning Development all under one roof.


Need an experienced hand to give your existing training materials a review? Need a bespoke training plan creating?

EXPERIENCE PAYS DIVIDENDS when it comes to project QUALITY, lead times and SATISFACTION.

Do I really need professional product training?

Well, you may be asking that because you’ve seen lots of startups throw together really amateur training content.

If you were smart enough to work out how something worked from a poor training video hosted on YouTube then that’s great.

But ask yourself the questions listed here?

Are you concerned about your brand reputation?

Amateur training content not only reflects badly on your brand, it also reflects badly on your customers perception of your product.

Are you happy for adverts to show on your training content?

Even if you have great video training content, hosting it on YouTube means you have adverts on your content and suggested videos playing afterwards. Free is great on the wallet, but expensive on your reputation.

Are you sure your training content is helping your customers?

Spinning up a quick video showing how to use your product is quite straightforward. But are you covering the correct features and fucntions? Is the context appropriate for the audience? Is the detail sufficient?

Professional Instructional Design will ensure your training material hits the target leaving your customers in no doubt they partnered with the right business.

Do I really need help with my staff training?

You might not have the budget for a dedicated Learning and Development team, but recognise you need to offer your employees development opportunities.

Asking HR generalists or managers to deliver training might cost more, and have less success in the long run.

Ask yourself the questions listed here.

Are you sure you know what the real problem is?

Designing training can be a bit of a rabbit hole. You could end up spending a lot of time and money on something that doesn’t solve the issue you intended. An experienced Instructional Designer can home in on the actual problem and design an effective solution for you.

Are you experiencing high staff turnover?

How you onboard new hires can have a massive effect on whether they pass their probation or whether they decide to leave during their first few weeks with your company. An Instructional Designer can develop an engaging and effective onboarding programme for your business.

Do you have the experience to design training for new systems?

Technology moves fast, can you ensure that new systems are deployed to a well-trained workforce? An Instructional Designer can help you take the pressure off when deploying new systems.

About Me

David Oswald

David Oswald

Instructional Designer and eLearning Developer

I’m an experienced instructional designer and technical communicator who really enjoys working with tech and tech companies.

I’ve worked with small two-person startups up to 100,000 employee corporations and in thios time I’ve learnt that the problems they experience are very similar. They just differ on scale and budget.

I’ve been working in the industry for over 20 years and have learnt a lot from each of my previous projects. In addition to my Product Training work I also used to teach Public Relations and I’m a full member of the Chartered Institute of Public Relations.

By bringing communications expertise together with instructional design and my technical experience I bring a balanced professional approach to my work.

And now I bring that expertise to support businesses scale their training, learning and development projects.

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