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Arts Alliance Media

Software Company, UK

The Problem

Arts Alliance Media are the market leading supplier of software for digital cinema projection systems. Their software is in use in over 40,000 screens worldwide.

At the time of my hiring, training in Arts Alliance Media software was delivered either by experienced software support technicians or pre-sales engineers. This led to a non-consistent delivery and also was far from scalable. Extra pressure was put on technical support to provide ad-hoc coaching and training rather than general support duties.



The Desired Outcome

Reduction in support tickets

Many support tickets were actually identified as training issues. Resolving these issues was consuming too much support resource.

Allow customers to self-serve training needs

Customers needed a quick, easily accessible and reliable source of information relating to efficient operation of Arts Alliance Media software.

Provide a resource to assist pre-sales in educating potential customers

Many customers were experiencing similar business issues and an on-demand source of offical documentation and video content was needed to assist the sales team in their negotiations.

My Solution

After conducting a thorough analysis of the problem a two-pronged approach was designed. It was clear that an on-demand source of product training content was required, but in-person training was still really important. 

With budget in mind, a simple WordPress website with embedded Storyline interactive software simulations and a technical document repository was created. A full-blown LMS was not regarded as necessary but access needed to be restricted by means of user accounts and passwords. 

In-person training was redesigned and documented with lesson plans to allow for a consistent delivery format regardless of the presenter.

This solution led to the number support tickets being reduced by 31% and pre-sales reducing the duration of their funnel by nearly 25%.

Additionally, as an added benefit, the online training portal was used as part of the new hire onboarding program reducing the time to velocity significantly.


Arts Alliance Media Academy screenshot
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