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Your Staff Learning and Development Problems Solved

Want to know how you can drive performance change in your workforce? Instructional Design is the answer. 

What is Instructional Design?

You’ve hired a great team and things are ticking over. But how do you cope when the business world changes, and you need to up-skill your employees or deliver essential knowledge to them, so they can be the experts you need them to be?

Businesses used to believe that training was the solution to all business ills, but that’s not the case. How many times have you endured dull and boring training sessions only to forget the content almost overnight? Instructional Design is a process that analyses the problem at hand and allows for the design and development of various forms of content or experiences to support the acquisition of the necessary new knowledge or skills.

What will my solution look like?

That’s the exciting part about Instructional Design. The end solution will be tailored to the individual problem. It might be that you need some eLearning with some accompanying job aids. Maybe you need a new process designed for your new hire onboarding? Whatever the problem, with an experienced Instructional Designer you will receive a focused solution to the problem you are experiencing.

So what does your service look like then David?

I use a multi-phase approach to projects as shown below.

Phase 1 - Information gathering

You may have some initial ideas about the problems you’re experiencing, and what you feel you need to improve on.

Information gathering is the first phase where we will work together to understand the problems you are facing in your business.

Phase 2 - Analysis

In Phase 2 the information gathered in the first phase is considered to identify the actual issue or issues that need to be addressed.

Phase 3 - Appropriate framework is selected

There are multiple forms of Instructional Design framework that can be used to design and develop solutions to solve the business need. These frameworks include Action Mapping and ADDIE amongst others. As an experienced Instructional Designer I will choose the most effective framework for the job in hand. 

Development of all course materials begins now.

Phase 4 - Deployment

In the previous phases we have focused on Analysis, Design and Development. During each phase there will be plenty of opportunities to review solutions, but now comes the time to actually deploy the solution.

Phase 5 - Project review

At the end of every project in addition to reviewing any performance metrics, I always have a project review where we can identify where things worked really well, look at any initial findings and also understand where things could be improved. Projects don’t end after deployment. Evaluation is key to program success.

Okay, I’m nearly at the bottom of the page, how much does this all cost?

Great, sounds like you might be interested. You’ve got taste!

Now this question is even harder to answer than the last question. As each solution is bespoke it’s really difficult to quote without knowing all the details. It’s best to look at this as an investment rather than a cost as you will reap the benefit of better performing employees.

But I understand you need an approximate value to see if it’s worth a conversation. Cost really depends on the complexity of the project and how long it will take to deliver. I may need to bring in specialist help, or purchase additional software to deliver any solution. If we exclude additional costs and just focus on my day rate, depending on the complexity of the project, I usually charge around €250-€500 per day. That’s still a lot less than hiring a new person on a permanent contract. For smaller projects I sometimes charge on a per project, rather than per day basis.

Remember, having a professionally designed effective training program will improve your business performance.

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