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Your Customer Training Problems Solved

So how can I help your business improve your customer renewal rate, decrease customer churn rate and increase your revenue?

Customer Enablement AKA Product Training

You may have the best product on the planet, but if nobody knows how to use it you’re going to fall into the trap that so many software companies do.

You rightly spend a lot of time and money crafting your product, and to you, it seems easy to use.

But you’re working with this product day in and day out. You know its intricacies and can deal with them.

A new customer using your product comes with two dangerous things. 

  • Change acceptance issues
  • Little or no experience

Add these two things together and you’ve got a potential customer headache on your hands. The cost of customer acquisition is high enough. Don’t miss out on the chance to gain a happy customer with improved referrals and renewals by delivering a great customer training experience. In fact 62%* of customers say they share their bad experience with their friends! 

Customers that struggle with your product won’t rave about your services to their network, and they’re less likely to renew contracts, and that’s going to hit your revenue. You need PROFESSIONAL TRAINING

But hiring an experienced trainer, buying them a laptop, buying the software they need, all costs a lot of money. So do you divert your budgets to cover the cost of professional training or spend the money on your product?

Well, now you can provide professional training at a greatly reduced cost, with no hardware or software expenditure. Want to know more? Read on or click the button to arrange a FREE initial video consultation.

* https://www.salesforce.com/form/pdf/state-of-the-connected-customer-2nd-edition/?d=7010M000000uQVWQA2

Training as a Service (TaaS)

Your business is either a SaaS business or, if not, your business relies on SaaS for functions like Payroll, Social Media Management, Customer Relation Management, so why are you not doing the same for your product training needs?

You appreciate the reduced cost of using SaaS platforms rather than processing all these tasks manually, so why not outsource your training needs in the same way?

Training as a Service (TaaS) – means you don’t need to worry about hiring a dedicated trainer, you don’t need to worry about the cost of the hardware and software they need, you don’t need to worry about building, designing, and hosting an online training platform, and you don’t need to worry about paying their salary and them becoming a bottleneck when they are on annual leave.

Delivering your training online means your customers can access training at a time that suits them. As the workforce gets younger, people are becoming more used to self-serving their training needs. How many times have you carried out a quick search online to find out how to do something in Excel or Google Sheets?

And if you have a trainer on your staff, then TaaS can be a great accompaniment to their skills. They can concentrate on delivering great in-person or virtual sessions, and the online platform can be used as part of a blended training program.

Training as a Service, just like SaaS, can unlock significant savings in your training expenditure, and training can become your competitive advantage. Change acceptance for your potential new customers can often be a factor in businesses not taking on new software products. Being able to confidently assure your potential customers that you have a professional training platform that’s available 24/7 could be the impetus your potential customer needs to get them to sign on the line.

So what does your service look like then David?

Now that’s a really tricky question to answer because it really depends on what your product is, who your typical customer personas are and how it works.

That’s the major difference I can offer my clients. I don’t believe one-size fits all. However, some of the features that might make up your training solution could be, interactive videos, online product courses, timed certifications, chatbots embedded in your website or even just some simple but nicely designed training manuals (nothing wrong with old school).

The point is that I’ll work with you to design a training platform that works for your business. And it’ll be me that works with you. I limit the total number of my customers at any one time so I can dedicate enough time to you and your business personally. This also means I may not have availability immediately, so let’s start a conversation today.

OK, I’m nearly at the bottom of the page, how much does this all cost?

Great, sounds like you might be interested. You’ve got taste!

Now this question is even harder to answer than the last question. As each training program is bespoke it’s really difficult to quote without knowing all the details. But don’t forget, this is (TaaS) so the cost is going to be less than hiring and supporting a dedicated experienced member of staff.

There are two elements that make up the cost of your service. An initial setup fee and a monthly service charge. The key thing to remember is that this is always less than the cost of hiring a dedicated experienced trainer and purchasing all the software and hardware they need.  

And the benefit you get from using my TaaS solution is that your training platform doesn’t mind working 24/7/365 and won’t take you to court for over working it! One single price with no per user charges like some Learning Management Systems I could mention. Your customer training shouldn’t penalise you for being successful.

That being said, and in the interests of honesty, this service isn’t cheap. Nobody wants to be cheap, and your business deserves better than that.

My services are very reasonable and offer great value. And with fixed monthly payments you can budget and plan your cashflow with ease. Remember, having a professionally designed effective training program will improve your customer renewals, referrals and increase your revenue. Let’s start a conversation today, and build your competitive edge together.

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