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I’m David Oswald

Software Product Training Consultant


Online Product Training

You’ve already made the decision to invest in Product Training and you want it building by an expert?

That’s great, you’re on the road to improving RENEWALS, REFERRALS and REVENUE.

Training Consultancy

You work for a software company and you know you need training but don’t know where to start?

Book a FREE 20-minute consultation with me.

Helping You Achieve Success

Unlock Your Product Potential.

Your product is brilliant, your marketing is slick and your sales are registering great numbers. But all this good work goes to waste if your customers can’t use your product.

Show your customers how to achieve maximum return on their investment in your business

Increase customer satisfaction rates - happy and satisfied customers renew contracts

Deliver customer training at scale - enable your customers to self serve their training needs at their convenience

Turn customers into your brand ambassadors - word of mouth is still the most cost effective marketing channel

Targeted Customer Training

Remove confusion and provide your customer with effective and efficient online training.

Product Training will be a COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE for your business.

Staff Training

Need to get your employees up to speed on your products?

External customer training materials can be revised for the needs of your team members in an EFFICIENT manner.

One Supplier

Forget about coordinating several different suppliers and contractors. Spend your time on your business and your product, or just sit back with a coffee.



Need an experienced hand to give your existing content the once over? Need a bespoke training plan creating?

EXPERIENCE PAYS DIVIDENDS when it comes to project QUALITY, lead times and customer SATISFACTION.

Do I really need professional product training?

Well, you may be asking that because you’ve seen lots of startups throw together really amateur training content. 

If you were smart enough to work out how something worked from a poor training video hosted on YouTube then that’s great.

But ask yourself the questions listed here?

Are you concerned about your brand reputation?

Amateur training content not only reflects badly on your brand, it also reflects badly on your customers perception of your product.

Are you happy for adverts to show on your training content?

Even if you have great video training content, hosting it on YouTube means you have adverts on your content and suggested videos playing afterwards. Free is great on the wallet, but expensive on your reputation.

Are you sure your training content is helping your customers?

Spinning up a quick video showing how to use your product is quite straightforward. But are you covering the correct features and fucntions? Is the context appropriate for the audience? Is the detail sufficient?

Professional Instructional Design will ensure your training material hits the target leaving your customers in no doubt they partnered with the right business.

Are you communicating too much detail to your competitors?

You need to ensure that the right audience sees your material and you protect sensitive information from escaping into the darker realms on the World Wide Web.

Professional training content will ensure sensitive information or data is masked and your don’t give away all your secrets to your competitors.

Are you sure your customers can actually use your product?

If your customers can’t use your product effeciently they aren’t getting a good return on their investment in your company’s products.

Dissatisfied customers are very unlikely to renew their subscriptions or contracts and certainly wont recommend you to their network. Word of mouth is still the most cost-effective and trustworthy marketing channel available to you.

Professionally designed training content can be your competitive advantage. Software can be costly in terms of time and money to deploy and being able to offer your customers a comprehensive training programme could be the difference between them signing on the line or not.

About Me

Product Trainer and Training Consultant by trade, I’m an experienced technical communicator and instructional designer who really enjoys working with tech and tech companies.

I’ve worked with small two-person startups up to 100,000 employee corporations and I’ve found the most rewarding businesses to work with are startups in their growth stages.

I’ve been working in the industry for over 20 years and have learnt a lot from each of my previous projects. In addition to my Product Training work I also used to teach Public Relations and I’m a full member of the Chartered Institute of Public Relations.

By bringing communications expertise together with Instructional Design and technical experience I bring a balanced professional approach to product training.

And now I bring that expertise to support tech startups scale their customer enablement (AKA TRAINING).


David is a great example of an excellent professional…He takes a no nonsense approach to project management, whilst constantly innovating and encouraging new ideas. I would highly recommend David to develop and support your teams and business.”

E. M.

International Sales Coach

David is a very productive person. He is one of the most dedicated professionals through his work with us. Customer focused, great and intelligent trainer. Efficient, precise and innovative. I would highly recommend him to anyone. If you need a professional to do a job, make sure you have David.


Sales Director

David is an immensly talented hard-working individual and was part of the team that migrated ticketing systems and as part of their management team he seamlessly managed the entire process.


VP of Customer Training

Kickstart your customer training strategy today

Customer Training or Customer Enablement is an extremely cost effective route to:

  • Improving your customer renewal and referral rates
  • Improving customer satisfaction rates
  • Communicating product enhancements at scale
  • Turning customers into brand ambassadors

Can you afford not to have professional training?

Not ready to book an appointment or just want to send an email?

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